by Veronica Louis

Last month I asked you how you felt about turning 30. The results are in. Here are what poll takers between the age of 23 and 42 thought:

Poll graph about Turning 30

Here were some interesting responses to the question:

“It kinda sucked turning 27 (because I felt I was approaching 30 so quickly). So I believe when the time comes I may feel like it sucks. Lol.”

“Everyone is different.”

“Depends what one has achieved by 30.”

“Not just NO, but ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!”

“Anything after 22 does ;-p”

So you have it peeps, according to you, turning 30 does not suck. Perhaps Jane from How to Be 30 discovers this by the end of the book, perhaps not. Find out in 2014 when the book is released.
Like they say, age is relative… may you all be happy within!

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