by Veronica Louis

S.N. Goenka


S.N. Goenka, the principal teacher of Vipassana meditation, passed away yesterday at his residence in India. He was 90. My heart weeps for a man who has helped me realize the most important changes of my life. His discourses were always selfless and enlightening. He was all about love and advocated that truth was universal − that it belonged to everyone. He also clearly explained just how everything was impermanent, and has the characteristics of “arising, passing away… arising, passing away.”

He sought to help others find their own liberation. He helped me find mine.

This week is a sad week for the world of Dhamma, and the whole world over, the world has just lost an extraordinary being who touched the soul of many and showed them how to come out of their misery. He never professed to be a guru, nor a prophet. He was a teacher and he simply taught what he knew and led by example.

My heart weeps and smiles at the same time. Goenkaji led a full and exemplary life. He was liberated.

May he be happy, peaceful, liberated. Liberated.

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