by Veronica Louis

Veronica Louis at 33 years old

Photo: Veronica Louis

I like the idea of the number 33. 11 is my lucky number. Multiplying that number by 3 seems like perfect arithmetic to me. Will I perhaps be 3 times as lucky as I begin yet another chapter in my life?

My 32nd year was a good one. It started off with my working at a company where I got to utilize both my writing and design skills. I went on to visit Dominican Republic with my lovely mom (this is before the country decided to strip Haitians of their Dominican nationality. Not such a fan of the country now). I finally visited San Francisco, yet fell in love with beautiful San Diego. I revelled in the challenge of co-organizing WordCamp Montreal 2015 with a great group of people. I had an amazing time with really good friends in New York, the “concrete jungle where dreams are made.” I moved to Ottawa for a while to focus on my writing. And finally, I ended the year with a move to Berlin, Germany, where I currently reside.

I’d like to think that every chapter that is my life has an underlying theme or message. I think the last chapter was all about change. Initiating change. Accepting change. Embracing change. And adapting to change. For me, change could be a tad daunting and exciting all at once. Perhaps, it’s because there’s sometimes that slight initial doubt about if a right decision has been made. Yet, interestingly, after enough time has gone by, it always seems like the experiences lived, let them be good or bad, happened for a reason and were necessary for personal growth and development. Stepping out of my comfort zone, no matter how much, has always been conducive to essentially me becoming a better me.

I so want to be a better person. I always want to be better, always moving forward, despite the inevitable stumble backwards. And as I’ll flip the daily pages of this new chapter, I think I will focus on remembering how lucky I am and find ways to spread my luck and share the proverbial wealth. Despite all the acute ugliness in this world, I truly do believe life remains beautiful.

Here’s to another year of discovery, growth and love.

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