by Veronica Louis

Purple female stick figure and Green male stick figure

Image: Veronica Louis

I came across an interesting entry in the journal my English teacher made us keep in high school.  I was 15, and I thought writing about color gender was more meaningful than writing about my future. Yet, I have to agree with my 15-year-old self, when she wrote that the difference between Honey (my English class journal) and other males, was that Honey, understood me.


October 7, 1998

My Future*

(*The topic may be subject to change without notice).

Dear Honey, I decided to change my handwriting for this entry. Which one do you like best? Like this or like this? Like this is faster but like this is nicer. Anyways, for this entry, I’ll stick to like this.

Anyways, Honey, today my topic is my future (Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking). Come to think of it, Honey, I really have nothing to say about my future. I don’t know what I’m going to be yet and I don’t want to know, yet.

So instead, I’ll be sharing with you how I view going to school. (Thinking, thinking), Sorry Honey, I changed my mind again. I really want to say something meaningful, but I don’t believe these topics would let me express meaningful expressions.

Okay, here is something meaningful to talk about:  You might find this funny or you might find this weird. Ever since I was a kid, I always thought that colors had sexes. I still think that colors are either male or female. Eg. Red=male, Blue=male, Yellow=female, Orange=male, Purple=female and Green=male.

Do you see what I mean? For me, all my colors or either a boy or a girl. That’s how come I think of you as a boy, Honey. You are green. Oh, I’m sorry if I didn’t clarify your sex earlier, Honey, but in my mind, I was always writing to a male. The only difference between you and other males, is that you understand me.

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” right? Wrong. You’re also from Venus (don’t worry, it’s a good thing). I luv u Honey : )

Green Hilroy Notebook

Photo: Veronica Louis

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  • This was the best distraction from my day I could have ever wished for… thank you. I just spent five minutes laughing out loud to myself while various members of my team looked in on me with quizzical looks, which only added to the fuel of my laughter. The looks quickly turned to worry. That was a much needed and much appreciated. I love how your brain works. Thank you for sharing so openly….

    Oh but I have one clarification question. Since this was already written… does it count towards your 10,000 hours? I only ask because I am really interested in this 10 000 hour process of yours

    • So glad you gotta kick out of this blog entry Mel! Interestingly, I just had a Facebook discussion with a couple of people about color and gender, and for them all colors were neutral with the exception of pink and blue, and that blew my mind, because I cannot imagine colors not having a sex. Even colors like taupe and turquoise have a gender to me, they are both males. I would be interested to know if you yourself assign gender to colors.

      Very good question about if the post goes towards my 10,000 hours. While it was already written, I had to transcribe it. So I included the time it took to do that in my 10,000 hours, which wasn’t much. Thank you for leaving a comment; I love hearing what readers have to say!


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