Chronicling the journey of writing

by Veronica Louis

Chuck Palahniuk: Literary MastermindWho is Palahniuk? Two words: Fight Club. Before the film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton became a cult classic, it was a book written by none other than Mr. Chuck Palahniuk.

Authors to me are like über superstars. I would gladly wait in line for hours to meet my favorite author, but I’m not so sure I would do the same for my favorite musical act. So when I heard that Palahniuk was coming to Montreal in 2009 for a book reading tour to promote his book Pygmy, I was more than eager to purchase the book the day it was released and attend the event.

In real life, Palahniuk was a hoot. I remember him having a natural charismatic attitude and cracking jokes every other sentence. I don’t remember why, but the night of the book reading he was wearing a kilt. And he owned that kilt like a supermodel owns six-inch stilettos.

After the book reading I patiently waited in line to get my book signed, I was flushed with anticipation as my turn was approaching.

“Chuck! I love your books! All your books!” I gushed. “You are amazing!” I’m telling you… I was star struck. He was all smiles as he thanked me. “I want to write too,” I told him. And he told me that the trick was to write the way I spoke. That way, the result can reflect reality. I thanked him profusely for his advice. He signed my book, and I felt inspired. (more…)