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Veronica’s India

Veronica's India

Veronica’s India chronicles Veronica’s four-month saga in India. With not much more than will, determination, a backpack and a plane ticket, Veronica embarked on a solo life changing journey and an adventure of self-discovery and love.

Veronica’s Universe

Veronica's UniverseReturning to reality after a surreal adventure in India, Veronica turned to writing to keep sane by sharing with her readers  her simple observations of the world and life in general.

Afraid of Eating

Afraid of Eating .com Screen ShotEating disorders are often misunderstood. sheds light on eating disorders and offers a fresh perspective on what it’s really like to suffer from anorexia and bulimia. The struggles are daily, the recovery is a journey.

When We Play

When We Play .org LogoWhen We Play believes that art builds communities and is integral to the development and progress of young minds. We develop accessible fun and educational art programs for youths while spreading values of respect, understanding and cooperation.



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