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Where Is the Love?

January 8th, 2015 | Posted by Veronica Louis in Inspiration | Turning 30 - (2 Comments)

by Veronica Louis

Veronica Louis Portrait with a Pink ShirtToday I turn 32.

As Fun once sang, “Tonight… We are young.” We cannot prevent the fleeting time from escaping our futile grasps, but we can control how we are within. And by Jove, if we feel young, we are young.

For me the New Year always sweeps in a whole new added year of wisdom as my birthday follows it a few days later. It’s almost always a time of reflection, a time to gauge what chapter I’m in, in the story that is my life.

A couple of years ago, turning 30 seemed like an epic event. “30,” I thought, “The beginning of the end.” As it turns out, it wasn’t the end. And as I have comfortably settled into my thirties, I look forward to a year where I’m writing the next exciting chapter in my life… a couple of plot twists, a build-up with rewarding results, a lovely denouement. (more…)

by Veronica Louis

Veronica Louis at 31

Photo: Veronica Louis

Today I turn 31.

Being 30 was a lot about embracing change. At the beginning of the year I was teaching English, in the summer I was writing, by the end of the year I was working full-time at a radio station.

The year started off strong with the clear goal to write a book about being 30. As I neared completing the novel, something went awry within and I lost myself. The ground caved below me and I was swallowed whole.

Truth be told, I was propelled into that dark place when I discovered that I did not get that “dream” writing job I was working towards. Perhaps my confidence took a hit and that everything-is-going-to-be-alright feeling was too faint for me to emerge from my drab disposition. (more…)

by Veronica Louis

Last month I asked you how you felt about turning 30. The results are in. Here are what poll takers between the age of 23 and 42 thought:

Poll graph about Turning 30

Here were some interesting responses to the question:

“It kinda sucked turning 27 (because I felt I was approaching 30 so quickly). So I believe when the time comes I may feel like it sucks. Lol.”

“Everyone is different.”

“Depends what one has achieved by 30.”

“Not just NO, but ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!”

“Anything after 22 does ;-p”

So you have it peeps, according to you, turning 30 does not suck. Perhaps Jane from How to Be 30 discovers this by the end of the book, perhaps not. Find out in 2014 when the book is released.
Like they say, age is relative… may you all be happy within!

Does Turning 30 Suck?

September 10th, 2013 | Posted by Veronica Louis in Turning 30 - (0 Comments)

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Update on My Book

August 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Veronica Louis in Turning 30 | Writing - (1 Comments)

by Veronica Louis

Quote from Virginia Woolf: So long as you write what you wish to write, that is all that matters; and whether it matters for ages or only for hours, nobody can say.


This website’s theme, “10,000 hours,” is about spending a significant amount of time doing one thing until becoming an expert at it. But regardless of the becoming an expert part, the bottom line is to find something you love to do, and to do it, a lot.

In my case, while I love doing so many things, such as designing and teaching, my main focus right now is my writing. More specifically, working on my novel, I started this project at the beginning of the year, and after many false starts (four to be exact), the current book stuck and the words kept on flowing until the characters, plot and story development were solid. I just recently hit 40,000 words of my first draft and I’m giving myself a congratulatory pat on the shoulders.

What’s great is that I see the end in sight. I know my destination, so I know I’m going to get there. I’m not quite sure if there will be stopovers and detours along the way, but ultimately I know where my characters and story are heading, and because I know this, everything falls into place. (more…)