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Passion + Action = Success

by Veronica Louis

This is what I wrote on my bathroom mirror recently: Passion + Action = Success.

You see, I recently attended an artist conference where one of the panelists measured his success by how passionate he was about doing something. And while I generally agreed with that idea, I felt there was a missing ingredient.

There have been times in my life where I have been passionate about doing something or an idea and nothing came to fruition. It would be unwise for me to say that, that in itself was success.

I believe the missing ingredient is action. Passion without action is futile. However, an idea that is backed up with the full force of passion combined with the necessary steps that are required to get the ball rolling will turn a simple seed into a bourgeoning flower. One that smells really good to boot… One that smells of sweet success!

2013 Yes Artists Conference

by Veronica Louis

I recently attended YES Artists’ Conference: Business Skills for Creative Souls in Montreal, where seasoned artists imparted nuggets of wisdoms to fellow and aspiring artists alike.

While the conference as a whole was quite edifying, there were a few specific moments that made me eagerly nod my head in agreement to the point where I had to keep my rapid head jerking in check. These are the moments I would like to share with you.

First, there was Barry Lazar, a documentary film producer and writer who stated that what’s truly important is to have a passion for what you do and to seize every opportunity to do it. Sterling Downey, co-founder of the Under Pressure festival, added to that effect, “once you lose your passion, you are no longer successful.” It is in fact your passion and drive that defines success. Downey also added that it’s important to inspire and motivate others in the process.

And when Lazar was asked about getting that one big break that changes everything, he explained that it’s usually not one big break, but rather a series of smaller breaks that collectively lets you do exactly what you want to do. He explained that it was important to find out what you’re good at and to be prepared so that when you get that one ”yes” out of a sea of rejection you are not only willing, but ready. (more…)