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Crossword Contest Winner

July 16th, 2013 | Posted by Veronica Louis in Crosswords - (0 Comments)

by Veronica Louis

Great Job StickerWe have a winner! Congratulations to Melissa de Roquebrune from Montreal, Canada who was the first to successfully complete my first-ever crossword puzzle. Melissa de Roquebrune, you are a certified genius (according to me). Your genius has earned you a copy of my book The 30-Year-Old’s Guide to Turning 30 (Working title, to be released in 2014).

It’s not too late to solve the crossword puzzle that will forever be special to me because it was my first. Good luck!

Crossword Puzzle

Here are the answers to the puzzle » How did you do?

by Veronica Louis

Crossword PuzzleI think I can die happy now. After years of eagerly solving crosswords puzzles, I’ve stepped over the threshold to construct crosswords. Well, at least I’ve constructed my first crossword puzzle (See below).

A crossword puzzle consists of a grid with intersecting squares. Each blank square is part of two words (spelled across and down). The black squares indicate where words end or begin.

Conventional crossword puzzles follow three simple rules:

1-The answers are at least three letters long

2-The grid is in the shape of a square with an odd number of squares in the rows and columns

3-The grid is diagonally symmetrical (the black and white pattern looks the same when the puzzle is turned upside down)

In his book Cruciverbalism, Newsday crossword editor Stanley Newman adds a few more points:

“Crosswords should be fun, they should be challenging, and they should be enjoyed by any reasonably literate person.”

“Crosswordese and obscure words are prohibited (only occasional exceptions are made for otherwise outstanding work).”

“Clues must be balanced in general knowledge (no more than one non-theme reference to football or opera in a puzzle).” (more…)