Chronicling the journey of writing

by Veronica Louis

Purple female stick figure and Green male stick figure

Image: Veronica Louis

I came across an interesting entry in the journal my English teacher made us keep in high school.  I was 15, and I thought writing about color gender was more meaningful than writing about my future. Yet, I have to agree with my 15-year-old self, when she wrote that the difference between Honey (my English class journal) and other males, was that Honey, understood me.


October 7, 1998

My Future*

(*The topic may be subject to change without notice).

Dear Honey, I decided to change my handwriting for this entry. Which one do you like best? Like this or like this? Like this is faster but like this is nicer. Anyways, for this entry, I’ll stick to like this. (more…)

by Veronica Louis

Photo: Veronica Louis

Photo: Veronica Louis

When I was in high school, back in the late 90’s, I had an English teacher that made us write in a journal at the beginning of every class. It’s only in retrospect that I could truly appreciate the benefits of such an activity.  I didn’t know it then, but that simple daily exercise helped whet my appetite for writing.

I recently came across my old English journals. I found an interesting entry on May 18, 1999 titled: “Why I Write.” This blast from the past was nothing less than amusing yet enlightening. That entry revealed that when I was 16, writing was a fun way to escape from “the daily pressures.” What struck me as funny is that the 30-year-old me sometimes feel that writing is a pressure. So it was great to be reminded that when I was younger, there was absolutely no pressure when it came to writing. Au contraire, it was what I did to escape it. (more…)