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If Love Is Limitless

October 21st, 2017 | Posted by Veronica Louis in Inspiration - (0 Comments)

I have not posted in a while… choosing to consume words instead of actively publishing them.

There is so much going on in this world… in the news… While I do not and cannot have an opinion about it all, I am left with this disheartening sentiment that things are not alright.

Where has all the empathy gone? How is it we could “stand with” some places and not even acknowledge the humanity in other places?

How is it non-tangible ideals come to be more important than a great number of tangible lives?

Where is the love? And if love is limitless, could we not extend it and spread it beyond our immediate bubbles and echo chambers?

The world needs it.

The world needs it now.

Initiating Change

January 8th, 2016 | Posted by Veronica Louis in Inspiration - (4 Comments)

by Veronica Louis

Veronica Louis at 33 years old

Photo: Veronica Louis

I like the idea of the number 33. 11 is my lucky number. Multiplying that number by 3 seems like perfect arithmetic to me. Will I perhaps be 3 times as lucky as I begin yet another chapter in my life?

My 32nd year was a good one. It started off with my working at a company where I got to utilize both my writing and design skills. I went on to visit Dominican Republic with my lovely mom (this is before the country decided to strip Haitians of their Dominican nationality. Not such a fan of the country now). I finally visited San Francisco, yet fell in love with beautiful San Diego. I revelled in the challenge of co-organizing WordCamp Montreal 2015 with a great group of people. I had an amazing time with really good friends in New York, the “concrete jungle where dreams are made.” I moved to Ottawa for a while to focus on my writing. And finally, I ended the year with a move to Berlin, Germany, where I currently reside. (more…)

Veronica’s Germany: Why Not Move to Berlin?

November 4th, 2015 | Posted by Veronica Louis in Travel - (0 Comments)

by Veronica Louis

Small yellow purse with Berlin written on it with an airplane in the background

Photo: Veronica Louis

January 6th, 2010… It was the eve of my four-month solo adventure through the south of India. I did not know how I felt because I did not know what to expect. So instead I braced myself for the unexpected. And that served me well. One month into my adventure, I met Stephen and then Eun Sun… Two beautiful and kindhearted souls who both happened to be from Berlin. While paying them a long over due visit in Berlin in 2014, I just happened to fall in love with their city.

One event leads to the next, putting forth a fortunate chain of reactions, bringing me to this point… the day of my departure to Berlin for a year on a work-holiday visa. And yet, unlike before my departure to India, my feelings this time around tottered from uneasy to apprehensive.


Co-Organizing WordCamp Montreal 2015

July 14th, 2015 | Posted by Veronica Louis in WordPress - (2 Comments)

by Veronica Louis

The WordCamp Montreal 2015 Organizers all sitting together in the first row of an auditorium

Photo: Jeremy Clarke

In the summer of 2013, after heeding the encouragement of a friend, I attended my first WordCamp. I was actually a volunteer, helping out where I could but still having ample time to go to these amazing presentations on all things WordPress. Two years later, one thing leading to another, I found myself being a co-organizer of WordCamp Montreal (WCMTL).

I had already been using WordPress for a few years, to manage sites for clients before attending camp in 2013. In a nutshell, WordPress(.org) is a website building tool and content management system. Yet, it wasn’t until WordCamp 2013 that I became aware of the true extent of the community behind it. Like any camp, new bonds were formed, laughs were shared and I instantly became part of a kick-ass support network. I enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones at WordPress learning events and social meet-ups. (more…)

Back to the Writing

May 13th, 2015 | Posted by Veronica Louis in Writing - (2 Comments)

by Veronica Louis

Blue and yellow words that say Back to the Writing, on a black background.

Image: Veronica Louis

One year ago, I embarked on the difficult adventure of completely rewriting my novel’s manuscript after I realized (not without the help of my writing group) that the material was lacking.

After a sufficient amount of grieving, I was once again refreshed and ready to start over. This second time around, the writing process was fun, light and flowed. Albeit, the rewriting/editing process of the second draft was slow and gradual.

Yet, I had found my rhythm: write… first rewrites, group feedback, second rewrites. And I pushed repeat for every chapter. I was so close to the end, when life got in the way, and not only obstructed my writing rhythm, but obliterated it. Unless I dealt with the skeletons, I would be blocked, and any attempt to write would become a guilt-ridden session. And so I pushed pause, while being afraid that the momentum I had gained would be lost. (more…)