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About Veronica Louis

Veronica Louis photo of her laughing.

Photo: Michael-Oliver Harding

Veronica Louis is a writer, designer, teacher and a perpetual student of life. She sees inspiration in everything and everybody she encounters, and actively seeks to discover new places and experience new realities.

She’s a Communications graduate from Montreal’s Concordia University, and has honed her skills in sectors such as theatre, graphic designing, teaching English and website managing.

Veronica Louis is also on the board of directors of When We Play, a non-for-profit organization that offers accessible art education to young people. She believes that art is quintessential to building strong communities.

A nomad at heart, Veronica Louis loves to learn new languages and strives to become a hyperpolyglot. She knows French, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and is studying German. She has had the opportunity to work and live in the United States, Mexico, Spain and Japan. She currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

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